About Dammes Kieft

There is a story behind everything. Video is my way to explore the laws of imagination.

Through the lens of my camera I find details to catalyse emotions and moods. And in the edit I make connections and ultimately, create a sense of atmosphere.

Finishing my study I started making after movies for college parties. That was fun, and I continued exploring the electronic dance music scene under the wings of Robin Piree. During that internship as a part of the crew, I traveled around the world to film episodes for Revealed TV and numerous after movies and video features for EDM DJs like Hardwell and artists of Revealed recordings >> Revealed Festival in Croatia Official Aftermovie.

The underground scene gives me more artistic freedom to experiment with visual ideas. Music videos, short films, documentary or fiction – there are stories to be told.






 Dammes Kieft • Video Artist • Based in Rotterdam & traveling.